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RBMarine Ltd-Turkey



Underwater ROV Survey, Inspection & Investigation Services

Sea bed survey


Welcome To RBMarine Ltd Turkey


RBMarine Ltd Turkey

Turmes Sitesi

Sk 39, D60, Konyaalti, Beldibi

Antalya, Turkey


To contact us:

Phone: +90 (242) 824 8789

Cell: +90 (532) 774 1564

E-mail: rov@rbmarineltd.net

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News and Upcoming


June 25-29, 2012:

The Under Water Center, Fort William, Scotland: SeaEye FALCON flying various Offshore tasks.


July 23-27, 2012:

Underwater shooting of historical doucumentary, South of France


August 01-10, 2012:

Touch down monitoring and survey of mooring buoys, Black Sea, Turkey

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St�phane BLANFUNE (RBMarine Ltd), proposes a variety of underwater investigation, survey and inspection services in order to assess the places and things that are too dangerous, too expensive, inaccessible or imperceptible by divers.



Taylor made operations and custom project studies answer to the specific requirements of the Offshore and Inshore fields.


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