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RBMarine Ltd-Turkey



Underwater ROV Survey, Inspection & Investigation Services

Observation Class SEABOTIX LBV300-5



Depth Rating: 300M Seawater

Length: 520mm

Width: 445mm

Height: 260mm

Protection: Polyethylene bumper frame

Speed at surface: 2.8knots

Max Operating Current: 2knots


Cameras & Lighting

Camera Tilt: 180 degrees-internal chassis rotates

Range of View: 270 degrees-180 degrees from tilt, 90 from cameras lens

Camera Primary: 520 line Wide Dynamic Range Color �0.1Lux

Internal Lighting: 700 Lumens LED array


Integrated Console

Length: 452mm

Width: 328mm

Height: 173mm

Weight: 16kg

Input Voltage: 200-240VAC

Power Requirement: 1,200 Watts maximum

Safety: Isolated input power, circuit breaker, line insulation monitor, leak detector. Meets and exceeds �Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Electricity in Water�



Tether Diameter: 8mm-0.3 in nominal

Tether Length: 350m

Buoyancy: Neutral in freshwater-slightly buoyant in Seawater

Options and Tooling

- Single function grabber small interlocking jaws

- Single function grabber large interlocking� jaws

- Single function grabber parallel 2 jaws

- LYYN Video Enhancer


Sub Atlantic

Observation Class I ROV System

LBV 150 & 150/2


Observation Class I ROV System

LBV 300-5


Observation Class I ROV� System



Class II ROV System